Snow Day! 'I'm surprised that we have this much snow'

Snow Day! 'I'm surprised that we have this much snow'

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MARCOLA, Ore. - What a day for young Nick Jenkinson.  

Tuesday was his 14th birthday.

And a snow day.

No school, no tests.

You know what that means? Nick and his friends revved up their machines for a cruise in the snow.

"I'm surprised that we have this much snow. There's never snow up here," Jenkinson said.

So much snow that before Tuesday was over, at least one school district planned to start late on Wednesday.

In the wake of a snow storm, several school districts decided to close for the day Tuesday - especially districts in the higher elevations.

For those kids, it was a welcome play day in the snow.

Blachly, Marcola, Pleasant Hill, and Sweet Home were some of the districts in the valley that closed up shop Tuesday.

And as KVAL News discovered in Marcola, the snow was really coming down: There was plenty of white stuff for Jenkinson and his friends Jared Sanders and Wyatt Potter to ride their quad and motorcycle behind Marcola Grade School.  

"It's lots of fun," the birthboy said. "This is the first time I've ridden this quad in the snow."