Woman convicted of 6 robberies at Bi-Mart pharmacies

Woman convicted of 6 robberies at Bi-Mart pharmacies »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - A woman charged with robbing Bi-Mart pharmacies six times last fall - including three times in a week - was found guilty on six counts Thursday morning.

Judge Mustafa Kasubhai found Alanna Crabaugh, 33, guilty of two counts of robbery in the second degree and four counts of robbery in the third degree in a stipulated facts trial.

In a stipulated facts trial, the defendants do not admit guilt but acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict them of the crime.

Crabaugh faces sentencing Feb. 8. Prosecutor Chris Parosa said Crabaugh could face as much as 18 years in prison or as little as probation.

Parosa said in each case, Crabaugh demanded oxycontin and oxycodone from the walk-up pharmacy at a Bi-Mart store. Four of the robberies hit the W. 18th Avenue location. She also robbed the Royal Avenue and Junction City locations.

The latter led to a raid on a Junction City home in a case of mistaken identity.

In one of the W. 18th Avenue robberies, the suspect walked away empty handed - and returned less than 24 hours later to again demand drugs from the pharmacy window.

Officers tracked Crabaugh after the last of the robberies and took her into custody outside Prairie Mountain School in the Bethel neighborhood.