World record carver slices and shaves a half-ton pumpkin

World record carver slices and shaves a half-ton pumpkin »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Scott Cully's carving acted like bright orange beacon at the Eugene Home and Garden Show Saturday. Everyone in attendance could not help but be drawn to the spectacle of a 1000 pound pumpkin roughly the size of a mini-cooper being cut and shaved with Cully's methodical precision.

Cully, a six-time Guinness World Record holder, said that he typically carves at a rate of 50 pounds-per-hour. He said that he takes pride in his spooky masterpieces, and has a few tricks when picking the ideal pumpkin for carving.

"I want the gnarliest looking pumpkin... when you get that there is character built in and you can play that to your character," Cully said. "You can use some of those nasty  bumps that are built right in and you can carve noses on them... and warts and ghoulish figures."

Scott Cully said that he wants to inspire kids and families attending the show to be imaginative when carving their own jack-o-lanterns.

His 1000 pound pumpkin carving will be on display at the Home and Gardens Show until Sunday afternoon. After the show, however, Cully said he doesn't know what will happen to it.

"I suppose it will eventually end up as compost." Cully said.