'We're going to throw him a big homecoming party'

'We're going to throw him a big homecoming party' »Play Video
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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Jeremy Roth was working at Aprovecho when he first heard Josh Fattal was finally out of Iran.

"It's been an incredibly trying time for a couple of years - for all of his friends, for all of his family - not knowing what was going to become of it," Roth said.

Fattal came to Aprovecho 8 years ago. He became a teacher for their sustainable living program. He left Aprovecho for adventures, including a hike in Irag that landed him in an Iranian jail, charged with spying.

Roth said Fattal's ability to handle stress through mediation helped him survive captivity in Iran.

"Josh is one of the most well-equiped people I can think of to be able to handle the emotional strains of being confined for a couple of years," Roth said.

Roth said he has not yet spoken with Fattal, but he predited his friend will turn his story into positive change by bringing awareness to those still wrongfully imprisoned around the world.

"Josh, Shane and Sarah are certainly not the only people in the world that are unjustly detained for things that they didn't do," Roth said.

Now that the hikers are safe, Roth is anxiously waiting for the day Fattal comes back to Aprovecho.

"I can only assume he'll want to come out, and we're going to throw him a big homecoming party when he does," Roth said.