Oregon's (not always) Civil War

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Riding on the hood of a car with burning cornstalks in downtown Eugene? Lucky for these Beavers, Eugene's "Exclusion Zone" didn't exist in 1937.

EUGENE, Ore. - On the Monday after Oregon State won the Civil War game in 1937, students from Corvallis drove down to Eugene just to rub it in.

Oregon students were waiting on campus: with fire hoses.

The Beavers turned their attention downtown, riding through Eugene with burning corn stalks en route to a restaurant known as a student hangout.

The Beavers took over the joint.

The Ducks pushed back.

City and state police responded, and some of those rowdy Beavers spent the night in Eugene's jail.

Others wound up in the Mill Race, courtesy of the fighting Ducks.

This is one of the many stories born of Oregon's Civil War football rivalry, which dates back to 1894 - and another Oregon State win.



Watch a KVAL News story from 1999 on the colorful history of Oregon's Civil War: