Desert Island Ducks: Modern Oregon Fight Songs

EUGENE, Ore. - From the emerging Duck-Hop genre to the tongue-in-cheek but heartfelt Oregon Power Ballad, the Ducks have inspired musical creations this season.

Video Re-Mix: "Return of the Quack" with KVAL Sports video

"Return of the Quack" by Supwitchugirl

Video Re-Mix: "I Smell Roses" with KVAL Sports video

"Put Your Os Up" by Xile and Chris Ray

Live: "I Love My Ducks" by Supwithchugirl

Oregon Power Ballad by Sebastian Bach from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Duck Anthem by drama/soulreal/defdavyne

O-Official by LeLe featuring J. Philly

"Take It All" by C3 and Anthony Danzl

The Ten (Oregon) Duck Commandments by DJ Premier and NOBiDIA