Bigfoot. DB Cooper. Area 51. Google Car?

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EUGENE, Ore. - The wild Google chase started last week when Kelly Koopmans from KVAL News spotted the camera-carrying car in downtown Eugene.

The car slipped away before she could get footage, but calls and emails hit the newsroom from people who spotted the colorful little car with a red ball on top.

David Walker and Jennifer Winters from KVAL News both spotted the cars, but again the rig slipped away.

A KVAL TV engineer captured a snapshot of the car at 18th and Chambers on Monday, and on Tuesday a KVAL News photographer grabbed a few fleeting seconds of video.

The Google Car proved very elusive, but curious people kept an eye out for the camera car - and kept the tips coming in to the KVAL Newsroom.

Winters took a tip and tracked the car to a neighborhood not far trom the newsroom.

At first, no luck. Then the great globe-topped Google mobile appeared on the horizion.

She almost lost the car at a stop sign before catching the camera car crawling along the curb in a cul de sac.

The driver didn't slow down to talk to Winters, and away the camera went, taking with it one of the physical realities behind a virtual world - and a fresh batch of street-level images of Eugene.