River rats cause havoc at Canyonville pond

River rats cause havoc at Canyonville pond

CANYONVILLE, Ore. -- Cherry Collins woke up Saturday morning to a terrible sight in her front yard: Hundreds of gallons of water flooded her field right behind Herberts Pond.

It was all because of nutria: The pesky pond animals dug a den straight through the dike.

"My mom and dad were here for 50 years, and the pond never leaked when they were here," she said.

County crews are now in the process of lowering the water levels in the pond so they can see how big of a tunnel these little terrors carved out.

Cherry was worried she'd have to evacuate and take her animals to a safer location. Her cows were penned up less than 10 feet from the rising water.

County public works director Robb Paul said they not only have to take care of the existing problem, but take care of the cause.

"They can dig back through it, so then we'll put some traps in this area, and plus by that other tree, and see if we can't trap the Nutria or the Beaver that's actively working here," he said.

County workers are going to fill the hole with clay to cut off the flow of water.

Hopefully for Cherry and her animals, the Nutria don't come back to the same spot and dig themselves an even bigger hole.