Police: Driver, 70, on cell phone hits police car

Police: Driver, 70, on cell phone hits police car
Photo courtesy OSP

PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon State Police lieutenant received a possible minor injury Tuesday morning after "a distracted driver talking on a cell phone crashed into the back of his unmarked patrol car southbound on Interstate 205 near Foster Road," according to a state police statement.

The civilian driver was not injured. However, the driver was cited by Portland Police on charges of careless driving and operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile communication device.

Just before 7:50 a.m. Tuesday the state trooper was heading south in the left lane of Interstate 205 at Foster Road, in an unmarked Dodge Charger. He was reportedly traveling at 55 miles per hour.

A southbound 1992 Toyota Camry, driven by a 70-year-old man from Northeast Portland, crashed into the back of the state police vehicle. Police say the impact forced the unmarked car onto the grassy center median grass before it came to a stop on the inside freeway shoulder.

State police requested that the Portland Police Bureau respond to investigate the crash. As a precaution, medics were dispatched to check both drivers. However, neither was transported from the scene. 

Both drivers were using safety restraints.

"Subsequent investigation determined Anderson was talking on his cell phone without using a hands-free accessory," police say in the release. "He admitted that he was distracted and not focusing on traffic ahead of him"

Both vehicles were driven from the scene.