Jobs: From music therapy to music producer

Jobs: From music therapy to music producer

EUGENE, Ore. - At first glance, Scott Morgan may look like just another Eugene hipster.

But this music guru, working in the local music studio Fusion Bomb,  produces some of the best funk and electro hip hop beats in town.

His interest in music began as a kid listening to Run D.M.C and the Beasty Boys.

“I’ve been MC’ing ever since,” said Morgan.

Morgan started his musical career at Michigan State University where he studied Music Therapy and went to school for the upright bass.

He later practiced Music Therapy in the state of California for seven years.

“I like to sing, write, you know, play different instruments,” he said.

Not only does Morgan write music, he also produces it using the latest software available in the new Eugene music studio., Fusion Bomb.

Although Fusion Bomb is just beginning to establish themselves, they have big plans.

“Ultimately we want it to be at a place where we can do our art, and we can also help other people facilitate their art,” said Morgan.