Florence: 'The center of the sandboarding world'

Florence: 'The center of the sandboarding world'

FLORENCE, Ore. - Matt Walton traveled as far as the Egyptian Sahara looking for the perfect sand to board.

"It's getting more popular every year," he said of sandboarding.

He wound up finding ideal sandboarding conditions right here in Oregon.

"Here in the states, Florence is kind of the center of the sandboarding world," said the instructor at the Sand Master Park in Florence. "It's really like a mecca for sandboarders."

Tourists come from around the nation - even around the globe - to experience the Oregon Coast and its beaches, lighthouses and marine life.

But it's the nearly 40 miles of sand dunes - the largest expanse of coastal dunes in North America - that attract beginners and elite sandboarders to Florence.

Walton teaches sandboarding at Sand Master Park, where a basic board rental will set you back $16.

The sand is free.

The rental also includes wax, a key ingredient to getting the board to slide over the surface of the sand.

Not included: lift service, like at ski resorts.

Sandboarders earn their turns by hiking to the top of the dunes they want to board down.

Or fall down. >>> Watch the wipeout reel

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