2013 Weather in Review: Driest year, wettest month, 2nd coldest day

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AUGUST Photo by YouNews reporter JillianK
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AUGUST Photo by YouNews reporter JillianK
August continued where July ended: drier than normal. Upper low pressure off the south oregon coast became the dominant weather pattern. This pattern maintained a warm and humid southerly flow over the region through much of the month. Afternoon/evening thunderstorms over the cascades teased Eugene with rain. This changed on the 20th and 21st when thunderstorms drifted into the south Willamette Valley. While not a lot of rain occurred at Eugene, the skies were filled with a spectacular lightning display. It remained warm and dry. Normal overnight August lows are in the lower 50s but with the warm muggy air temperatures had a difficult time dropping lower than the upper 50s and lower 60s during the last week of August. This created muggy and rather uncomfortable sleeping conditions for many people. The daily lows in August 2013 averaged 54.8 F, making the daily lows of august 2013 as the 2nd warmest since 1890. NEW RECORDS: August 9th tied 2003 for the warmest daily low of 62. August 2013 was the 2nd warmest August on record for average daily lows.