2013 Weather in Review: Driest year, wettest month, 2nd coldest day

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SEPTEMBER Photo by YouNews reporter Doppler
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SEPTEMBER Photo by YouNews reporter Doppler
September started dry and warm with highs well into the 80s. Thunderstorms over the Cascades again moved across the south Willamette Valley on the 4th and 5th. This time, they had a lot of rain. Eugene airport received 0.66 inch of rain on the 5th. But not too far away at Mohawk. a thunderstorm dropped 1.69 inches of rain in under 1 hour. After the 7th, the dry mild weather continued. But the classic switch to fall started after the 20th. A series of strong fronts brought rounds of heavy rain, with the heaviest occurring on the 28th through the 30th. During that time, 2 to 4 inches of rain fell in/around eugene. After 8 months of below normal rainfall, Eugene had it first month with a surplus. The 7.08 inches of rain made September 2013 the wettest on record since 1890. NEW RECORDS: September 2nd set a new record for warmest low with 62 F, beating the 60 F set in 1995. September 11th set a new warmest low with 59 F, beating 2004 by a degree. Septmber 29th set a new daily rainfall record with 1.90 inches of rain. The previous record was 1.01 inches set in 1901. September 2013 was the wettest September on record with 7.08 inches of rain, beating the previous record of 5.21 inches set in 1927.