Out with parking meters, in with bike parking

Out with parking meters, in with bike parking

EUGENE, Ore. - The city pulled parking meters from a 12-block section of downtown last year to provide free parking and promote downtown commerce.

The move left the downtown landscape littered with headless metal poles.

Not anymore: the city has reused the meter poles ... for bicycle parking.

There's no meter to feed: 35 metal hoops went up last week, and 25 more are in the works. >>>See photos of the new bike hoops downtown

The design by Creative Metalworks from Dayton, Ore., promote Eugene’s support of bicycling and public art, the city said.

According to the American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, Eugene has one of the highest rates of bicycle commuters in the nation for a city its size.

And the League of American Bicyclists recognized Eugene as a “gold level” bicycle friendly community 2009.