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"When we arrived at the Tamolitch Pool, we were greeted with the thunderous roar of a majestic waterfall. My guide who has hiked this trail many, many times in the 30 years she has lived in the area, has never, ever seen water coming over these cliffs," aussie-di wrote in 2008 when she shared these photos. "These beautiful falls are as a result of excessive snow melt and the waters being re-diverted back over the cliffs. The McKenzie River, gets its beginning at Clear Lake, drops over Sahalie and Koosah Falls, passing through Carmen Smith Reservoir, going undergound and re-emerges under Tamolitch Pool, where it continues its journey through the McKenzie River Valley and merges with the Willamette River, near the Beltline Highway Bridge. "Seeing these falls, and being able to document the entire hike with photos was an experience I will treasure. It could be another 30 years, before it returns, but I guess this is in the hands of Mother Nature."