'Poacher X' taunts Idaho Fish & Game with photos, letter

'Poacher X' taunts Idaho Fish & Game with photos, letter
"Poacher X" sent this photo to Idaho Fish & Game
BOISE, Idaho - Idaho Fish and Game officials are looking for a poacher that's sending anonymous photos of his illegal activities to authorities - and then bragging about it.

Fish and Game says last week they received an anonymous letter from a person who referred to themself as "Poacher X."

"Here is a picture of the nice buck I poached up in northern Idaho this year. & I plan to do all my Idaho hunting like this from now on. & I'll send a picture of my nice pronghorn next. Also my turkey," the letter, which was laced with expletives, stated.

The envelope from "Poacher X" had a postmark of Everett, Wash.

So how unusual is it that a guy is so in the face of Fish and Game enforcement?

"In my 15 years of wildlife enforcement, I've never seen it," said Chris Wright with the Fish and Game Department.

They suspect he's angry at the out-of-state fees.

"You buy a hunting license it's in the $135-140 range and with tags it could cost you $300 to $500 for hunting licenses, tags, fishing licenses, that sort of thing," Wright said.

Anyone with information on this crime, or any other crime, may call Citizen's Against Poaching at 1-800-632-5999, 24-hour a day. Callers may remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.

Another photo taken by Poacher X sent to Fish & Game: