After 33 years, Douglas County's Robertson resigns from commission

After 33 years, Douglas County's Robertson resigns from commission »Play Video
The desire to be part of a new, more rural state resonates in southwest Oregon.

"It's a sign of frustration they and many of us feel," said Douglas County Commissioner Doug Robertson.

Robertson said restrictions placed on the timber industry by politicians in Salem have hampered development in the area and cost the county jobs. He periodically hears from constituents about secession, but Robertson said it's a long-shot.

"I wouldn't suggest it's impossible because nothing is impossible," he said. "I think it's very very difficult."


ROSEBURG, Ore. - After 33 years on the Board of Commissioners, Doug Robertson has resigned his post.

The County Clerk said Robertson has three days to change his mind.

If he does not rescind his resignation, the Board of Commissioners may begin their process to appoint someone.

Also, beginning Monday, candidates who are interested may file for to stand for election to Robertson's seat on the November ballot. The filing deadline is Aug. 26.

Robertson told KPIC News that his 70th birthday made him look over his priorities in life.

With mounting pressure on the county budget, O&C timber issues up in the air, and an injured son - Robertson decided to hang it up.

"We need a commissioner in this office that can dedicate 100 percent of their time to county issues, which are going to become more and more critical," Robertson said.