Bike advocates in support of street repair bond

Bike advocates in support of street repair bond »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Bike and pedestrian advocates in Eugene are speaking out in support of a $43 million street bond.

This Election Day, Eugene voters will find Ballot Measure No. 20-197 on their ballot.

If this measure passes, it would generate nearly $8 million a year that would be used for bike and pedestrian projects up to five years. The measure would also fix approximately 74 lane miles of roads.

"The City of Eugene has a large backlog of streets that need maintenance," said Shane MacRhodes, a member of the City of Eugene's Bike and Pedestrian Committee.

MacRhodes said improving roads in Eugene can benefit both cyclists and drivers alike.

"Having smoother roads actually helps people with the maintenance on their cars," MacRhodes said. "Having an 'inviting' bike and pedestrian environment helps people save money."

MacRhodes added the sooner the roads can be worked on, the better it will be for everyone.

"If we wait, a street that is in okay shape now, later on it's going to get really bad," MacRhodes said. "We end up paying the cost eventually."

Keep in mind, it is a continuation measure and tax payers will not notice a difference if the measure passes.   

If the measure passes, it would cost the average Eugene homeowner $127 per year. Since the measure would replace an expiring bond, property tax rates would remain about the same.