County voted 3-2 to hire Richardson in 2011, 5-0 to fire her in 2013

County voted 3-2 to hire Richardson in 2011, 5-0 to fire her in 2013

EUGENE, Ore. - In May 2011, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to hire Liane Richardson as county administrator.

The board voted 5-0 Tuesday to fire her.

Richardson came under investigation last month after she voluntarily placed herself on administrative leave.

A county employee raised questions about Richardson's compensation, sparking the investigation.

Commissioners had little to say Tuesday about the vote. Commissioner Pat Farr said the county anticipates a lawsuit from the situation.

The county later issued this press release:

Today, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to terminate the contract of County Administrator Liane Richardson following an independent investigation into issues around Richardson’s compensation.

The decision came after lengthy deliberation and review of the independent investigation’s findings. The investigation found that Ms. Richardson violated county policy. As per the terms of Richardson’s contract, Richardson is entitled to two weeks pay and time management payouts as set out in the Lane County Administrative Procedures Manual (Ch 3, Sec 34 (IV)(c)).

Alicia Hayes will remain as acting County Administrator until further notice from the Board of Commissioners.

County Board Chairman Sid Leiken released the following statement on behalf of the Board:

Today, the Lane County Board of Commissioners reviewed the findings of the independent investigation regarding County Administrator Liane Richardson’s compensation. After this review, the Board has unanimously approved the termination of Ms. Richardson, effective today.

The independent investigation thoroughly examined all of the evidence. The independent investigation was conducted with urgency, but also with careful consideration of the confidentiality needed to protect the rights of all individuals involved. We continue to understand and respect these rights, and, after careful consideration with County Counsel, we cannot comment on the investigation itself.

I am profoundly disappointed by the facts that have brought us to this point. These actions do not reflect the values or judgment consistent with work here at the County.

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