DeFazio wins 14th term: 'I think I represent the mainstream'

DeFazio wins 14th term: 'I think I represent the mainstream'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Running for Congress for the 14th time, Rep. Peter Defazio won re-election over his two-time GOP opponent, Art Robinson.

"It's a great vote of affirmation from the people I represent," DeFazio said. "I was worlds apart from my opponent. He represents the new ultra right wing of the republican party and I think I represent the mainstream. Public education, public investment, a government thats more efficient that cares about people that helps those in need and puts the country on track to a more prosperous future."

Robinson had name recognition and momentum from 2010, when he gave DeFazio the closest race he had faced in years.

"It's not too much different except we are getting a bigger vote, so that's nice," DeFazio said. "Let the billionaires waste their money on people like me. I'll go with the votes of the people."

Next up: Back to work in D.C. as Congress goes back into session next week.

"The expiration of tax cuts - we have to sort that out," DeFazio said. "You know the wealthiest and the big corporations need to pay their fair share so we can get our deficit under control. That's going to be a big fight."

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