Marijuana legalization: Oregon Measure 80 fails; Washington, Colorado pass

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Oregon-Pot Measure Fizzling
  • Pot plant stolen when grower goes inside to get out of the rain
  • Oregon Pot Measure Fizzling
  • Leagalizing Marijuana
  • Leagalizing Marijuana
  • Leagalizing Marijuana
  • Legalizing Marijuana
  • Oregon-Pot Measure Fizzling
Oregon-Pot Measure Fizzling
FILE - In this March 28, 2011 file photo, Paul Stanford stands between plants in his marijuana growing facility in Portland, Ore. A well-hyped effort to to legalize marijuana in Oregon has all but fizzled as proponents acknowledge they've been unable to raise raise money. Wealthy donors who have bankrolled similar measures in Washington and Colorado have sat out the campaign in Oregon. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)