More road work ahead? That's up to voters

More road work ahead? That's up to voters

EUGENE, Ore. - If your street has been torn up by road work, thank your neighbors: they helped pay for it.

Property owners in Eugene pay a voter-approved tax to pay for road work, the result of the community's commitment to combat potholes.

City leaders likely will ask voters in November to continue a street repair bond to continue to repair and maintain Eugene's streets.

The first street bond passed four years. The money has cut down the backlog of bad streets, but roads require constant upkeep. Maintaining roads is less expensive than totally rebuilding roads.

"It's important to stay on top of the problem so it doesn't spiral out of control again," said Eric Jones with the city's Public Works department.

If renewed, the bond would fund repairs planned for 2014 and beyond: $43 million to fund 76 projects around town.

For taxpayers, Jones said the cost on the average house would be a wash: $121 dollars in the last year of the current bond compared to $120 dollars in the first year of the new bond.

In other words, renewing the bond won't raise or lower taxes.