One month 'til Eugene decides 20-211: 'Have you made up your mind?'

One month 'til Eugene decides 20-211: 'Have you made up your mind?'

EUGENE, Ore. -- In exactly one month, Eugene will have the chance to vote on a proposed city services fee.

On Sunday, members of political action committees on both sides of the debate voiced their opinion on the contentious fee.

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy said that many people are still unaware of all the issues on the ballot even though the city is a month away from the special election.

"A lot of them are just beginning to put their attention on this,” said Piercy. “So it’s good for me to be on their doorstep, because I ask them ‘Have you made up your mind? Do you know what you think about this?’.” 

Mayor Piercy spent Saturday canvassing for ballot measure 20-211 (the new city services fee) with the Eugene Cares Committee.

Out of the $125 million general fund, Mayor Piercy told KVAL News that Eugene has already cut $24 million.

“We’ve cut everything that we could think of cutting before we really get into some important programs that people care about,” Piercy said.

She said that fire stations, libraries, community pools and other outreach programs are at risk, which is what the city services fee aims to cover.

“We’re asking people if they would be willing to pay up to $10 a month to keep those services,” Mayor Piercy said.

While measure 20-211 would raise money to cover the funding shortage, not everybody's on board with the city services fee.  

Former City Councilor Paul Nicholson is with the opposing political action committee, Citizens for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

“Our view is … the critical services like these - those should be the ones that are guaranteed,” Nicholson said. "We used to fund things in a less regressive manner." 

Nicholson said he doesn't think the vital city services will actually be cut. His PAC’s website calls Eugene Cares, “Eugene Scares”.

"We think that’s just a scare tactic to get people to vote for the measure," Nicholson said.