Neighbors dismayed to see hillside logged

Neighbors dismayed to see hillside logged

ALPINE, Ore. - If you head out Bellfountain Road from the village of Alpine, old Davidson Hill rises toward the sky above homes tucked in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.

The trees on Davidson Hill have been part of the view residents here enjoyed for decades.

A Creswell company started logging 40 acres on the hill, sparking outrage from neighbors.

Residents are mourning the loss of their view - and they fear side effects from herbicide that might be used in the process of re-planting after logging.

But everything being done on Davidson Hill is legal, the Oregon Department of Forestry confirmed.

The state agency has been monitoring logging there. So far, everything has been done in accordance with the Oregon Forest Practices Act. The act also allows for herbicide application.

But the act doesn't speak to the view enjoyed by neighbors.

The conflict between forest dwellers and Oregon's timber economy highlights a reality of life in Oregon: the same trees that make up one person's view might make up another person's livelihood.