Protesters deploy inflatable pig in beef with Walmart

Protesters deploy inflatable pig in beef with Walmart

EUGENE, Ore. - Activists lined up next to a large inflatable pig and waved signs in protest Wednesday outside the West Eugene Walmart.

Mercy for Animals says Walmart supports unsafe animal practices, a charge the company denies.

They say they conducted an undercover investigation that revealed several abuses at one of walmart's main pork suppliers.

"We feel consumers have a right to know where their food comes from and how the animals are treated before they reach our plates so we can all make informed decisions," said Phil Letten from Mercy for Animals.

Letten said they're on a nationwide tour to let consumers know about the unsafe conditions of animals in some factory farms.

Walmart officials said the company does not tolerate the mistreatment of animals.

“This is a complicated issue and there are different points of view," said Dianna Gee with Walmart. "We currently offer gestation crate-free pork products in a number of stores across the U.S. and will continue our on-going discussions with suppliers, non-governmental organizations and food safety experts to increase that number.

“We hold our suppliers to the highest standards and do not tolerate animal mistreatment," Gee said. "We encourage customers interested in learning more about how grocers and restaurants source pork products to contact the National Pork Board at"