Protesters target banks financing tar sands, pipeline

Protesters target banks financing tar sands, pipeline

EUGENE, Ore.- Protestors from the Cascadia Forest Defenders took to the streets of Eugene Sunday to voice their concern over the extraction of natural resources and the banks backing these ventures.

“We are protesting against the extraction of the forest, the tar sands in Alberta, Canada and the extraction of coal and other fossil fuel resources,” said Elise Downing, a representative of the Cascadia Forest Defenders.

The protestors made their way downtown while blocking traffic.

“We are out here today to hold those corporations that are funding these extractive industries responsible,” said Downing.

According to the protestors, the protest was a response to the banks for not responding to the group’s demands made a week ago during a similar march.

“They are harming us. They are continuing systems of oppression and we won’t stand for it. We think that our human health, our lives and our future as a community are more important than their profits,” said Downing.

The protestors roped a banner on the traffic signals that read, “We will dismantle the pipeline,” referring to the proposed U.S.-Canada oil pipeline.

Geneva Gill spoke to the group of protestors and pointed out the lack of response from the banks.

The march concluded back at the Erb Memorial Union at the University of Oregon where speakers continued to discuss problems with other protestors.

A police vehicle followed the march from behind. No arrests were made.