Springfield House seat: Lively leads Pishioneri

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Democrat John Lively led Republican Joe Pishioneri as the votes for the Oregon House District 12 came in Tuesday night.

"I feel very good about that," Lively told KVAL News. "You want to be up, and I feel good about that and it’s very positive from my standpoint."

The GOP candidate wasn't ready to concede the race.

"I was hoping it would be the opposite but it's not, and I think that this is really an early early call and many things can happen so I’m going to hold out and wait for things to develop," Pishioneri said.

The candidates clashed in campaign ads.

"You know he ran his race the way he wanted to run it, and I respect that," Lively said, "and I did mine and ultimately the voters decide and it looks like the voters are deciding in my favor and I feel good about that."

"If he does win," Pishioneri said, "I’ll be watching, and maybe I’ll see you in two years."