Taylor: 'They know my record'

Taylor: 'They know my record'

EUGENE, Ore. - Through two mayors, several city managers and multiple editions of the Eugene City Council, there's been one constant: Betty Taylor.

First elected in 1996, Taylor maintains she would best represent the people of left-leaning southeast Eugene.

"Environmental protection, citizen participation, justice for everybody," Taylor said of her core values. "My opponents decide that they are for whatever I'm for and I think that's an indication that I represent the values of my ward pretty much."

Challenger Juan Carlos Valle has been quoted as saying Taylor votes correctly but doesn't get anything done.

"Accomplishments depend on a majority of council," Taylor said.

It's the first time in 14 years a City Council race has gone past the May primary to a November runoff election, dividing the district block by block - even house by house.

Taylor said she's pushed for changes to the city's street repair policy to make charges more fair to property owners.

Eugene Civic Stadium is in the ward.

"It's a historic," she said. "We continue to destroy our history and it should be saved."

Taylor said that, unlike Valle, she does not favor the city expanding the current urban growth boundary.

Her message to voters sitting on the fence?

"They know my record," she said. "They know that they can depend on me to do what I say I will do."