PETA @ OSU: 'It just made me sick to see the pictures'

PETA @ OSU: 'It just made me sick to see the pictures' »Play Video
An Oregon State Beaver stops by a picture of a pig in the PETA exhibit Monday.

CORVALLIS, Ore. - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals set up a "glass walls" demonstration at Oregon State University on Monday.
Amanda Rhodes, president of the vegans and vegetarians club at OSU, said the demonstration aims to make people more aware of what they're consuming when they eat meat.

"When your eyes are open to the cruelty that goes on, you're going to be motivated to change," she said. "Being vegan is the best way that you can change the things that you see today."

Images of chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and even fish lined the walls of the exhibit.
Students were invited to sit in crates and observe battery cages, where 10 or more chickens would live together.

"My stomach started churning and it just made me sick to see the pictures," said student Molly Soder. "I've seen these pictures before, and it really just makes my heart ache for the animals."