Duck fans flying high: 'we've made them pay attention'

Duck fans flying high: 'we've made them pay attention'

EUGENE, Ore. – Loren Christianson graduated from Ohio State but lives in Eugene.

"I'm disappointed, don't get me wrong," he said in the wake of Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin – and Oregon's ascension to the No. 1 spot in two college football rankings.

"I'm still an Ohio State fan first," Christianson said, "but it's kind of mixed emotions. The Rose Bowl, too – one of those things where the Ducks and Buckeyes square off."

Of course, if Sunday's rankings hold through December – and that's not guaranteed, given losses delivered to the No. 1 teams the past two weeks – the Ducks won't be going to the Rose Bowl. Instead they would be playing for the National Championship on Jan. 10.

Ranked No. 1 in both The Associated Press and Coaches' polls, the Ducks are No. 2 in the Bowl Championship Series poll – just a hair behind Oklahoma and ahead of Boise State. The top two teams in the BCS rankings play for the national championship.

The news set off a flurry of green and yellow Sunday.

"We bought this fleece to take to the games," said Duck fan Greg Whitehouse at the Duck Store on the University of Oregon campus Sunday. "It's exciting. Plus I hate Ohio State, so it's even better."

Duck fans have had time to warm up to the idea. For three times since 2000, the Ducks have been ranked No. 2. But at 6-0, the Ducks have rocketed up to the top spot in multiple polls for the first time in school history.

Fans said it's about time the Ducks snagged the number one slot.

"I said for years they don't want to rank us No. 1, I don't know why," said Carol Allred. "So now, finally, we've made them pay attention."