Yelling for Ellen: Ducks flock on 'fiesta' Tweet

Yelling for Ellen: Ducks flock on 'fiesta' Tweet
Ellen (left) made an appearance in Eugene by satellite on Thursday.

EUGENE, Ore. - Ellen Degeneres made a surprise appearance via satellite at the University of Oregon on Thursday after Tweeting to her followers to show up dressed for a fiesta - and a chance to win tickets to the BCS game.

Ellen challenged students to write their own UO fight song, with the winner scoring tickets to the game.

Take a look at the mob scene at the Erb Memorial Union. >>>Photo Gallery

And here's the Twitter-ing that made it all happen (edited to appear chronologically).

1. Eugene, Oregon! Get over to the EMU by 2:30 and dress for a fiesta! You'll be glad you did.

2. Throw on your best fiesta outfit and get over to the EMU on the @Univ_Of_Oregon campus. There's gonna be a big prize!

3. Only 1 hour left! Put on your fiesta wear, Eugene, and get to the EMU on campus!

4. Someone is gonna be winning tickets to the Fiesta Bowl! Get to the EMU dressed for a fiesta. Hurry!

5. We’re only moments away! There’s a huge crowd at the EMU. Thanks everyone for coming. This is so much fun.

6. Now that was fun! Thanks to everyone who showed up in Oregon. And thanks to the @Univ_of_Oregon for letting us crash your campus.