Kaptivating Kidz: Eugene Fire dribble to the top of two mountains

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The Eugene Fire are all fired up.

Having never lost a game against their own age group in basketball and an undefeated record against all comers in soccer.

9-year-old Sophie Cleland said, "We think we just have to play our best win or lose."

Dribbling between two sports simultaneously can be quite tough but also a whole lot of fun.

Sophie added with a chuckle, "You really get rushed."

Teammate Ciana Reyes chimed in, "We do one game and then we go home and then we rest and then we go to the other game."

The Fire girls are such ballers on the hardwood, the squad of third and fourth graders play up a level against kids in fifth, but they show no fear.

8-year-old Kallie Harding admitted at first it may have been a worry but that soon dissipated. "I was scared but I really didn't care. It's really fun."

On the pitch the girls are so elite, they were asked to leave their old league for being too good.

Emily Wiltshire proclaimed, "The beginning of the game we usually get intimidated by the size of the girls and then once we are out there, we score our first goal and we are like, this is easy."

For 10-year-old Madison Ficek, her schedule is even more muddled than the rest. Madison is the only girl on an all boys basketball team at the same time.

Ficek believes with full confidence that the two are basically the same. "The fire are aggressive like the boys are. They (the boys) say hi because they are the boys that go to my school. All they say is hi. They all know how good I am."

None of the girls came into this world before the turn of the 21st century, but that doesn't stop them from adopting a Grateful Dead song as their teams' theme.

"Fire on the Mountain."

It is shouted our before and during the game by Makenzy Stiffler's mom and the team loves it.

"When she's not here and she doesn't yell it, we don't play as well."

For now, the Fire will keep truckin' as two teams but one collective group. 

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