Kaptivating Kidz: Coquille Chess Club

Kaptivating Kidz: Coquille Chess Club

From prodigies who can barely reach the table to others who don't even want to sit, the Coquille Chess Club isn't taking any pawns.

11-year-old Josiah Perkins said, "You have to concentrate on the game. You try to just look at the game, try not to look at the opponent."

Ever since Dr. Nancy Keller started the Coquille Chess Club 15-years, the group has dominated the Southern Oregon Chess League and took fourth at Nationals in 2010.

"You are in a huge room with lots of tables so there is just a lot of pressure. the first national chess tournament, I wanted to cry the first round," is who 14-year-old Sarai Perkins describes the rush and stress.
Unlike it's often compared counter-part of checkers, chess is more of a  thinking man's game.

One of the clubs best players, Aaron Grabinsky is one who takes a pass. "I know how to play but I don't like it. Too simple."

It takes strategy, smarts and an occasional tip of the hat, which happens to be Josiah's good luck charm.

Aaron weighed on on his teammates big lid, "He thinks there is some kind of advantage in it. Nice hat though."

The Coquille Chess Club has plenty of rivalries including family members.11-year-old Mason Collard taught his little sister how to play about a year ago now he says she is better than him. Mackenzie Collard agrees.

"Most of the time when I play him, he's tired."

Likely excuse. Gamesmanship and sportsmanship coming together in Coquille.

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