Kaptivating Kidz: They have spirit, yes they do, how 'bout you?

Kaptivating Kidz: They have spirit, yes they do, how 'bout you? »Play Video

Upon entry to Emerald All-Star Cheerleading in Springfield is like walking into the old Boston Garden. Flags and trophies from the floor to the rafters.

Hopefully they have some room for more as the special needs spirit squad had a banner year.

"We've had out 'bickerments'. We've had our fights. We've had our tears. We've had our injuries," says Holly Jalof.
After competiting at the Pac West Spirit Championships in Portland, big green got the good word.

Devona Onami was like most of the kids. "I thought it was amazing. Everybody was crying and happy and made everybody smile."

Grins from ear to ear as the team was picked to represent the entire Northwest at the World Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Alicia Agee has some sound advice, "When you go there, pack a lot of shorts and tank tops."

Hot and humid, but the Emerald All-Stars were all winners. In fact, World Champions.

"Oh, it was awesome. I won trophies and the medals. It was great," Buck Benz says.

As for the idea of stage fright? Forget about it.

Agee desribes it as her being in her bedroom alone "having a rocking time."

Even in the offseason, the family-like unit will always be together. Just ask Maddie Akin.

"No matter where I go, my cheer team will always being in my heart. Forever and ever."

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