Is the Duck 'O' hand symbol 'unsportsmanlike'?

Is the Duck 'O' hand symbol 'unsportsmanlike'?
Lavasier Tuinei makes the "O" hand gesture after scoring a touchdown versus Nevada.

Mike Pereira, a former Pac-10 official under contract to the Pac-12, says the Ducks signature 'O' shape the players occasionally make with their hands after a touchdown, "borderlines on unsportsmanlike conduct."

Click here to watch what Pereira has to say about the Ducks 'O' hand-signal celebrations.

Pereira pointed to the Lavasier Tuinei touchdown in the second quarter against Nevada as an example.

In the video, Pereira claims he will personally call Oregon head coach Chip Kelly this week to inform his players to cut back on the gesture or risk being flagged for a penalty in the future.

He backtracked Monday by saying, "As long as it is not prolonged or directed at an opponent, it's ok."