O-legal activity: When is Oregon's 'O' a no-no?

O-legal activity: When is Oregon's 'O' a no-no? »Play Video
Oregon fans cheer before the start of an NCAA college football game against Nevada on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011, in Eugene, Ore. Oregon defeated Nevada 69-20. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

EUGENE, Ore. - When does O-fficial school spirit cross the line from O-k into O-legal activity?

A former Pac-12 official sparked controversy among Oregon fans with comments to Fox Sports.

"Pac-12 says players are allowed to salute God and the country," said Mike Pereira,  the former interim coordinator of officiating for the Pac-12 who works as an officiating analyst for Fox Sports, "and the 'O' is saluting neither and, therefore, violates the rule."

Some Duck fans might disagree.

"It's not a college, it's a culture," rapper Xile offers in "O Time."

Peirera, still a consultant to the Pac-12 on officiating matters, has since Tweeted and posted a story that he now thinks his initial assessment was wrong - and apologized to Oregon fans.

"I told them it is OK for Oregon players to quickly flash the 'O' sign to celebrate a good play." he wrote. "But it must not be prolonged and cannot be directed at an opponent."

This isn't the first time Oregon and its fans have navigated allegations of O-legal activity.

The University installed an O on the side of Autzen that exceeded the size legally allowed in Eugene. The image at right shows the O as installed - and the O that would have complied with city code.

The City of Eugene let it slide - until a complaint from a member of the public brought the violation to the community's attention.

The complaint was later dropped, and the big O remained.

The first video for "I Love My Ducks" by Supwithchugirl featured the Oregon Duck mascot, leading to a suspension for the person inside the suit. The song has since become one of a number of popular fan anthems, and Oregon now controls when and where the Duck mascot can appear under an agreement with Disney that officially severed the character from his distant cousin, Donald.

And fans seem committed to the O symbol, celebrated in Duck-Hop hurrays like "O Time" and "Put Your Os Up" by Xile and Chris Ray and O-Official by LeLe and J. Philly.