Women's Football

Women's Football
Football has traditionally been a men's sport but with an increasing number of women out cheering in the stands more women are also gearing up for the game. Now there's a local push to bring more women into the sport.

If you can throw, catch and run you could be the next member of the Eugene Edge.

New player Simone Shepard tell us, "I love being on a team being competitive I love the physical aspects of it."

These edge players are are part of the nation-wide women's semi-pro football league.

Team Member and Owner, Cara Carter says, "In our division we have Redding CA, we have Corvallis, we have Seattle, we have Portland and Eugene."

One of the things about the women's independent football league that is unique is it full contact. Shephard explains, "It is definitely empowering because you are doing what you see the guys doing on TV everyday it is not any different were tackling hard hitting hard we get injured we play injured."

Courtney Rallings has been playing on the team for nearly six years; she's suffered a variety of injuries and has the battle scars to prove it. "Tore my ACL, bruses, a concussion," says Rallings. Her latest war wound: a broken pinky. "Yesterday they took the screws out. I'm back out playing football, tackling you," Rallings adds.

But you don't have to be an experienced football player to join, just about anyone can sign up. "We have from police officers to women who build houses to homemakers on a team," says Rallings. Even though you may get a little banged up, team members says it is good exercise and a lot of fun. Carter says, "I never thought at 41 I would be playing full contact football and I can never imagine giving it up. I'll play until I can't play anymore."

The Eugene Edge is holding a registration November 13th at 7:00 PM at Papa's Pizza on Coburg Road. The Corvallis Pride is also looking for players. For more information on women's tackle football, log on to www.eugeneedge.org