Great Golf Getaways: Old Macdonald has a charm

Great Golf Getaways: Old Macdonald has a charm

BANDON, Ore. - Just when you thought you had seen it all at Bandon Dunes, think again.

"In the spirit of CB Macdonald, Old Macdonald is a different golf course," said Head Pro Jeff Brinegar.

What makes it so much different begins with the design.  The layout is a tribute to the father of american golf, Charles Blair Macdonald.

The holes are patterned after those at the national golf links in New York.

"Some people have talked about bandon dunes was built, pacific dunes was found, bandon trails was revealed," said Brinegar.  "With Old Macdonald, maybe it was deciphered."

One of the things for you to decipher when you play Old Macdonald, is how you'll make your way through the enormous layout to each of the greens.  With so much open space, there's a lot from which to choose.

One of the most impressive features of Old Macdonald is the size of the greens.  On the par three eighth hole, the green is no less than 80 yards deep and features a giant canal.  Sometimes you have to putt right through it.

"With so much space here that you've gotta determine your line of attack," said Director of Agronomy Ken Nice.  "A pin on the left side of the green may be a totally different attack angle versus a pin that's on the right side of the green."

And of course, it's easy to become distracted by the ocean views, for which Bandon has become well known, including the par four seventh which requires an uphill shot.

"Amazing vistas of the ocean," said Brinegar, "coupled with huge greens that are easy to hit, make it a very unique opportunity here."