Kaptivating Kidz: Into the mind of a Duck fan

Kaptivating Kidz: Into the mind of a Duck fan

He may not be able to play sports but Thomas Long is definitely a knowledgeable fan, especially about his beloved Ducks.

Last season Thomas attended his first game at Autzen Stadium, a 52-6 wipe out of Wazzu.

"I felt like an ant compared to Autzen," Long said.

Even though the reigning Pac-10 champs have lost their Rose Bowl starting quarterback, Thomas believes the 2010 Ducks are bound for big things including his favorite player, LaMichael James.

"He was awesome last year. He helped us out so much, even more than Masoli."

Similar to many Oregon fans, Thomas has a favorite opponent to root against.

"My favorite game is not the Civil War but the Washington Huskies, we usually win."

During Thomas' lifetime, U-Dub has been a relatively simple target.

"I don't dislike them, it's just they are an easy one to beat."

As for Oregon hoops, Thomas was said to see Ernie Kent go but he is ready to find out what Dana Altman has to offer.

"We'll see how they do but I hope they do better than last year."

It's not just sports that Thomas enjoys, not many 12-year-old can be caught watching C-Span just as often as ESPN.

"When I grow up I want to run for governor of the state."

Who knows, maybe one day Thomas will be the biggest Duck fan on the steps in Salem.