Aaron Jones: Tattooing the ball for the Ducks

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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones and Oregon head coach George Horton go way back.

"He has kind of grown up around me and shame on him, he should have learned that he should have never come and played for me with all of the negative things I do,"  Horton deadpanned with a wink.

Aaron's brother Chris played for Horton during his final two seasons at Cal-State Fullerton.

Jones points to that relationship being a key component to his early success with the Ducks. "Being around it and kind of getting that advice from my brother sort of gave me that edge."

Aaron's father Stan, whi won a national title while playing for Arizona in 1974, is good friends with Horton. A young Aaron even traveled to Omaha for Fullerton's trip to the College World Series in 2007.

By 2009, Aaron was a verbal commit to Horton with the Ducks, primarily as a catcher, but that spot wasn't available last season (Jack Marder started), so rightfield it was for Aaron.

"He is a catcher first and foremost but he is an athletic catcher that has good instincts in the outfield and rather than wait his turn to be a catcher here, he was able to win the position as an outfielder," Horton said.

Jones started in 58 of the Ducks' 60 games a season ago and played in an Oregon freshman record 59 contests, leading them in RBI and walks.

Horton added, "Right from the very first series he just said, 'Hey, look at me. You are right coach, I am a division-one player as a freshman.'

Jones heads into this weekend's series at UCLA with a .333 average, second on the team, and he leads the Ducks in RBI again with 23.

Selected by the Boston Red Sox while in high school in San Clemente (38th round, 1,133th overall in 2010) the draft eligible sophomore isn't thinking too far ahead to his rising stock with the pro scouts.

"I don't get caught up in all the draft and stuff because that did happen to some guys last year and I think that is part of the reason that it kind of effected our team in a way."

If Jones' stats haven't caught your eye then maybe his tats do.

Tattoo, tattoo.

When asked how he picks the different tattoo designs on his body Jones said, "It is very permanent which is kind of why my Mom doesn't like them.

His first ink job was on his side, it reads, Only God Can Judge Me.

Jones tries to live by that motto. "Not judging people and it's kind of how I like to be treated as well."

Based on the numbers you can judge that Aaron Jones is one of the better players in all of college baseball.    

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