Long time soccer buddies will combine forces as Ducks

Long time soccer buddies will combine forces as Ducks »Play Video

They play for different high school teams now, but next year Junction City's ShayLee Miner and Thurston's Ashlee Schulz will compete together at the University of Oregon.

"It's in my hometown and all my family is here," said Schulz. "I'll be able to play in front of them and have their support."

"I'd always grown up in the Eugene area, looking up to the Duck players and I was just like it'd be so awesome if one day I would be one of those players," said Miner.

Miner and Schulz actually began playing together at age five.

"We played soccer together starting with my dad coaching us both on a team called Razz," said Miner.

"We played on Glitter Girlz together and played some club all through our lives," said Schulz. "We've just grown up playing together."

Even though they share the same love of soccer, the two are different players on the pitch. Schulz is a defender for the Colts while Miner is a forward for the Tigers.

"Speed, quickness and her left foot," said Schulz describing Miner. "I mean she's got an amazing shot. She can take the craziest shots and score from outside that 18. It's amazing to watch her play."

"She's very aggressive," Miner said of Schulz. "She's not afraid to go into any tackles. She can pretty much stop anyone. She's really good."

While they're apart now, both are eager to combine forces as Ducks.

"We know how we work together," said Miner. "So just continuing that to the collegiate level, I think that we'll do really well and I think it will be super fun."

"Playing with somebody I have grown up with my whole life, it makes it that much better and that much more special. Being in my hometown and playing with somebody I've grown up with, it's amazing. It's like a dream come true."

Soccer originally brought them together and it will reunite them in Eugene in 2013.