Lucky Ducks get special gifts from Horton's granddaughters

Lucky Ducks get special gifts from Horton's granddaughters

Words of encouragement can go a long way for a baseball team.

"Go Ducks, go fight, win, go Ryon Healy. Drawn by Kendall Cook," said Ryon Healy.

"She drew me a duck on the water," said Thomas Walker. "Then drew me hitting a home run over the Earth, I assume."

Last Friday, before the Austin Peay game, the Ducks received a special delivery, a stack of good luck notes from head coach George Horton's granddaughters Sammy, Kailey, Kendall, Alyssa, Angelica and Calise.

"To Thomas, love Kendall Cook," said Walker holding up a drawing. "Then there are smiley faces in about ever letter."

"Home run hit by Ryon Healy. Another rainbow. And this one is from Kailey," describes Healy.

"She didn't explain this one to me, but something about go Ryon Healy and good luck papa is probably in there," said Horton about a lucky drawing. "This one is a lot different as you can see. It's a different design. It looks like a foreign language, but it's a Sammy language."

Fans at PK Park know Sammy language, Horton's granddaughters are usually the ones leading the cheer.

"They are just a lot of fun to be around," said Walker. "They yell and scream louder than half of our crowd. They show up and get everyone in the ball game."

"Very, very exciting to be around, a lot of energy, always exciting to be around, big Duck fans," said Healy about Horton's granddaughters. "They're a lot of fun to have a PK Park."

Three postseason wins so far and their secret to success maybe as simple as some crayons and a little family love.

"You couldn't prove to Sammy, Kailey, Kendall, Alyssa, Angelica or Calise, my youngest, that they aren't an important part of our program here," said Horton.