No. 19 Buffs women beat Ducks 60-49

No. 19 Buffs women beat Ducks 60-49 »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- With her eyes on the rim, Oregon Ducks’ forward Liz Brenner tosses the ball in the air from the three-point line. The crowd erupted in cheers, within the first 50 seconds of the game, as the ball dropped into the net. Brenner went on to score 9 more points. 

After a hard-fought battle the University of Oregon Women’s Basketball teamlost Friday night's game to the Colorado Buffaloes, 60-49.

After Brenner’s three-pointer, Buffaloes’ forward Arielle Roberson put up two points of her own with a jumper. The Ducks answered back with a three-pointer by Ducks’ guard Jordan Loera. The score remained close as the teams pulled into halftime. The Buffaloes were up by a mere 3 points, 24-21.

“I thought we were playing [and] defending reasonably well. I felt good about it… Our problem has been generically offense, not the defense," Oregon head coach Paul Westhead said.

To start the second half, Ducks’ guard Loera hit a jumper to keep the score close with the Buffaloes. Buffaloes’ guard Chucky Jeffery answered Loera’s jumper with a free throw shot. Buffaloes’ guard Ashley Wilson added two more points to the score soon thereafter. 

In response, Ducks’ forward Brenner went in for a layup, putting the score at 25-27 with 16:31 left to go in the second half.

By 12:25, the Ducks began to fall back, giving the Buffaloes an opportunity for the win, with Buffaloes’ guard Kyleesha Weston and Buffaloes’ forward Roberson hitting back-to-back three-pointers for their team. 

“Timely scoring on [Buffaloes’] part. They’re a good defensive team. I thought we should have been able to score more,” said coach Westhead.

Oregon Ducks’ forward Brenner added, “We had a couple turnovers in there which led them to have back-to-back possessions and they kind of pulled away from there.” 

With 15 seconds left on the clock, the Ducks had fallen behind by 11 points. The Ducks went on to lose to the Buffaloes’, 60-49.

Ducks’ forward Alleyne racked up yet another double-double on the season with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Ducks’ forward Brenner had 12 points and 6 rebounds. 

“We’re always trying to get that ball into our post players - into Jillian and to Liz Brenner. We did a decent job of that. [We] just didn’t get enough offense,” coach Westhead said.

Ducks’ forward Alleyne added, “As a team… I think we need to find alternatives when something’s not working.”

The Ducks play the Utah Utes on Sunday at 2 PM at Matthew Knight Arena.