Not your average coach

Not your average coach

He's not your average high school baseball coach.

Sure Steve Smith leads drills before games, mans the dugout and even has the occasional disagreement with umps, but he's not your average coach.

"I was in a logging accident when I was 25 years old," said Smith. "I was taught by some coaches about being tough and dealing with adversity. That's how I got out of that."

Smith lost his left arm in the accident and has had to live without it for more than half of his life.

"I was in the hospital for seven days and on day eight, I was coaching football," recalled Smith. "I was taught that by my coaches, and that's the same thing I want to get across to these kids too."

For the past 25 years he's done just that. His Pleasant Hill teams have reflected his disciplinary coaching style and hard-nosed attitude.

"He just tries to discipline us," said senior Will Parmenter. "He's tried to make us like his son and just as good as we can as baseball players, both on and off the field."

"He doesn't make a lot of friends," said junior Parker Smith. "You work hard, you get at-a-boy'd, and that's how it goes. It's all worth it because he's probably one of the best coaches I've ever had."

For Smith, the best part of his job doesn't have anything to do with wins or loses. It's all about the players.

"I'm with them for the rest of their lives," said Smith. "If they need something when they are 25 or 45 years old, I'm still with them because they stuck it out with me, and I'm going to stick it out with them."