Cheer LaMike & Tukuafu, or Ed & Haloti? What's a Duck to do?

Cheer LaMike & Tukuafu, or Ed & Haloti? What's a Duck to do? »Play Video
Two University of Oregon football stars from different eras and different sides of the field meet at the Super Bowl on Sunday: running back LaMichael James and defensive end Haloti Ngata (AP photos)

EUGENE, Ore. - What is a Duck to do?

With former Ducks lining up on both sides of the ball Sunday at the Super Bowl, fans can make a case to root on the Ravens or stake a claim to the 49ers.

On San Francisco's side, the storyline is hard to resist.

LaMichael James burst onto the national stage setting school rushing records under Coach Chip Kelly at the University of Oregon.

In LaMike's first season since turning pro, the speedy back has shown he has Frank Gore's back.

Sports fans love a good story, and what Duck could resist seeing a hero win a piece of the biggest football game there is?

With former Duck Will Tukuafu lining up in the defensive backfield for San Francisco, Ravens tight end Ed Dickson will face a fellow Duck between him and the end zone.

But so will LaMike: Haloti Ngata hunted the line of scrimmage for the Ducks, earning Pac-10 honors and a pro career with the Ravens.

Dennis Dixon won't see action Sunday. However, the talk asks: with Kelly, the college coach who maximized Dixon as a college QB, now a pro NFL coach in Philly, will the two Ducks reunite at a workout some day soon in the City of Brotherly Love?

One thing is for certain: at least a couple Ducks are going to win Super Bowl rings on Sunday.

Who are you rooting for? Watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3, on CBS