'The orange O definitely would have gotten me for a little bit'

'The orange O definitely would have gotten me for a little bit'
Walmart said this scene, shown in an image posted on Reddit, did happen at an Oregon store, although the company declined to say where. The error was swiftly corrected.

CORVALLIS, Ore. - In an image posted on Reddit, an Oregon Walmart store appears to have stocked the wrong OSU journals: Oklahoma instead of Oregon.

"The orange O definitely would have gotten me for a little bit," said Kyle Stockdall, a sophomore at Oregon State. "But upon closer inspection, I think I would've put it back on the shelf."

"It's a little too similar to a well known image," said Chuck Pittis, whose daughter goes to OSU.

"It's a black background with an orange O," Stockdall said. "I wouldn't have caught it if I was just glancing at it."

"Having worked in retail before, I kind of know how that works, and I know the pressure and things like that, it's easy to mess that stuff up," said Jordan Schrock.

Walmart told KVAL News they did send the wrong OSU journals to an Oregon store, but they could not tell us which one. Walmart said this was an isolated incident.

Walmart issued a statement:

"We can confirm that this mistake was made at one of our stores in Oregon last month, and Oklahoma State University journals were quickly removed."

Walmart said the company knows the difference between the Beavers, Cowboys and Ducks.

But the company said they can't confirm that Oklahoma-Oreogn is a prediction for the national championship matchup.

"I'm assuming mistakes are made all the time for lack of research," Pittis said, "so I don't think there's anything malicious in there."

And if he'd seen the wrong OSU on the shelf, Shrock said he would have done the same thing as the Redditor.

"Like this guy, I probably would have taken a picture, sent it to my friends," he said, "and then would have forgot about it 10 minutes later."