What's in a name?: Goose Kallunki

What's in a name?: Goose Kallunki

Goose Kallunki is more than just a name on the Eugene Emeralds. The 27th round draft pick was an All-American at Utah Valley University and one of three finalists for college baseball's version of the Heisman Trophy, the Dick Howser Award.

As for Goose, that is just a nickname. He was baby Maclain Kallunki, if even only for the first year of his life.

"I am named after Goose Gossage," Kallunki said.

Kallunki was recently clued in to the full story on how he became Goose in 1990 (born in 1989) while his family was in Myrtle Beach. His father saw the relief pitcher with the handle-bar mustache on television and he thought it was 'cool'.

"It kind of just branched out from there and it was a wrap. Here I am, Goose still."

Kallunki even met Gossage a couple of years ago during a parade at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York.

"He was in a truck with Rollie Fingers, Ozzie Smith and Gary Carter. Those four Hall-of-Famers were in front of me and my team was right behind them and we walked behind them," Kallunki continued. "They are all doing the  GOOSE-chants and there were some other people doing GOOSE-chants for me. It was pretty cool."

Already on ESPN's all-nickname team while in college, Goose Kallunki is now up against Boise's Rock Shoulders in round two of  Moniker Madness, an MILB.com contest the best name in the minors.

"It gives them something to have fun with. That's what makes it fun for the fans and if my name can provide some entertainment then that's fine with me."

You have until Monday to Vote for Goose and try to advance him to the semifinals.