Women's Night at Crux Rock Gym is a hit

Women's Night at Crux Rock Gym is a hit »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Only the most daring attempt to defy gravity.

In rock climbing that's the goal. Just you and the wall doing a tango to the top.

"It's dancing, a certain choreography of moves," said Dee Tvedt.

Tvedt and her spouse started rock climbing in 1989 to help them get to the top of peaks on backpacking trips.

"We just fell in love with climbing and have been doing it ever since," said Tvedt.

Tvedt noticed that the sport is mostly dominated by men, so eight years ago she helped start Women's Night at the Crux Rock Gym in Eugene.

"We really wanted to put something in place where women could come and climb with women, in a supportive atmosphere," said Tvedt.

Lead climb, top rope belay and knot tying, if that sounds like a foreign language don't worry. Four different instructors, like Gloria Platz, start from the basics and move on up.

"I did search and rescue with Lane County for six years," said Platz. "I got out of that, and I needed another sport that was really an adrenaline junkie type."

Others come to Women's Night for different reasons.

"Personally, I'm afraid of heights," said Diane McClusky. "So it's kind of nice to overcome that with a rope."

Kim Leach and Amy Hewlett are sisters that came to Women's Night for the first time. They are learning to climb to prepare for the Warrior Dash, which helps raise money for St, Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

"A lot of fun. I've had a lot of fun," said Leach. "But it was a little bit scary at the top."

Whatever the reason, Women's Night seems to be a hit. Tvedt said the group gets around five newcomers each week.

"Climbing is an incredibly fun puzzle and it's a great excuse to stay in shape," said Tvedt. "It's amazing what you can do to leverage your own body up a shear cliff."