College's top teams stuck on Duck Tape

College's top teams stuck on Duck Tape

EUGENE, Ore. - Oregon might be the best fit for the new line of College Duck Tape, but Beaver fans get their orange and black with a sticky back, too. >>> Photo Gallery

Duck Tape brand duct tape aleady produces 20 colors and prints, including colors like aqua, fluorescent green, pink, orange and yellow, and prints such as Zig-Zag Zebra, Spotted Leopard and Hot Rod.

The new College Duck Tape brand duct tape features logos from Oregon, Oregon State, Auburn and others.

Marketed under the slogan "Real Fans Stick Together ... And Show Their School Spirit With Duct Tape!", the new line will be available at some national retailers and on

"Fans tailgating on game day will find endless ways to utilize this festive duct tape, including creating team pennants and flags, decorating folding tables and chairs, securing open food bags and containers, and dressing up clothing and accessories," Duck Tape said in a press release. "Students looking to spice up their dorm rooms and belongings can use College Duck Tape to decorate furniture, wrap up loose cords, decorate laptops and reinforce worn backpacks."

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