Autzen Stadium loses its famous crown

Autzen Stadium loses its famous crown »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. – When the defending Pac-10 Champion Ducks take the field for the 2010 season opener Sept. 4 against New Mexico, Autzen Stadium will have a new look.

Bulldozers and dump trucks spent Friday making Autzen look more like it is ready for a tractor pull than a football game.

Crews removed the old turf and leveled off the surface, removing the crown in the middle of the field. Previously the center of the field was slightly higher than the sidelines.

The Ducks practice on flat surfaces inside the Moshofsky Center and Kilkenny Field. Now they will play on a flat game surface as well.

The field is an advanced version of the old field turf that was last installed in 2002. It will look the same as the old field, but with better drainage and the addition of a new Pac-10 logo set to debut this summer.

The $1.8 million project is scheduled from completion July 15.